Your Breakfast Will Be As Big As Your Imagination With This Fancy New Product

Breakfast just got so much cooler! There’s a new appliance on the market, and this one’s making pancakes from a 3D printer.

The device, dubbed PancakeBot, is capable of producing pancakes in just about any intricate design or shape you can think of – just make sure it’s not too big to eat. Instead of extruding plastic filament like a typical 3D printer, the half-griddle/half-robot works by dispensing batter held in a BPA-free bottle that hangs above the hot plate in the shape of the user’s choice. It can use multiple colors of batter at once and create shadows and tones! Designs are stored on an SC card.

Inventor Miguel Valenzuela first created the device out of Lego for his two young daughters before bringing it to the World Maker Faire in New York. From that point on, PancakeBot was a hit. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised about nine times as much as the original goal, the 3D-pancake printer made it on the market and can be bought for just shy of $300 in a black or red finish on Amazon.

But according to reviewers, the device can be quite finicky – a lumpy batter can cause a block and hinder all of PancakeBot’s functionality. Others complain that it’s difficult to create a free-hand design.

So whether it’s a celebrity, yourself, a dinosaur or detailed butterfly, if you can think it then you can eat it.