This Startup Launched An Incredible Campaign That Could Change The Way We View The World Forever

Forget about hoverboards, a startup called HoloVit is taking technology to a new level that even puts mirrors to shame. Hello, holograms!

Launched as an Indiegogo campaign, the company proposed the concept that would bring holograms right to your home from your phone, tablet, laptop, or television screen. You won’t only be able to play a holographic video game, called Hologram Battle, or turn online videos into holographic shows, but also create your very own hologram using a giant black tarp and “Hologram Recording Set.” Yes, that means you can transform and watch yourself as a hologram.

HoloVit - Blue

“We want to bring the fun and excitement of futuristic technology into every home,” founder Jeff Deleon and his partner, Sibel Stanz, wrote on the Indiegogo page. “We would like to see HoloVit as a game changer of the home entertainment world.”

The kit comes in three different sizes and there’s supposedly no additional technology required aside from HoloVit’s special screen. HoloVit says all you need to do is align your personal screen with theirs and click play to watch the magic happen.

Still in disbelief? See for yourself!