This Futuristic Yacht Appears To Hover And Looks Out Of This World!

At first glance, this yacht of the future looks more like some sort of spacecraft than anything else. And it doesn’t move like a traditional boat either.

Future Yacht - Grey

Created by London-based design firm Schwinge, the Tetrahedron Superyacht boasts an unconventional design that features a structure shaped like a pyramid with four faces and six leading edges. The coolest part? The boat will essentially fly over the water.

Future Yacht - Above

Thanks to the Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship (HYSWAS) hull, the blades will push the vessel out of the water at high speedd, allowing captains to travel through the perfect storm at longer distances and in less time. At that rate, you could forget about seasickness too! At low speeds, the Tetrahedron seemingly glides across the water as it sits on three hulls. And when docked, the three sides can fold into larger decks for relaxation in the open sea.

Future Yacht - Ladder

The design is said to be inspired by the technology used by the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation. And according to Business Insider, Schwinge is in talks with a large shipyard to bring the design to life. Which will come first – the aliens or the alien-like yacht? Take a look at this baby in the video below!