The World’s Rarest Boa Reappears For The First Time In 60 Years!

Most people would run at the sight of a boa snake, but this is one you may want to document!

The world’s rarest boa was first discovered in 1953 and has not been seen in over 60 years! However, the boa was re-discovered by biologists from the University of São Paul’s Museum of Zoology and the Butantan Institute. The boa is native to the Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil, but thanks to the massive call-to-arms by local biologists, the virtually unknown species has been found.

Biologists created pamphlets to inform local residents of the snake’s value and rarity to ensure its safety. The pamphlets taught them to identify the snake as well as how to capture it. The pamphlet’s instructions ultimately led to the capture of the five-foot-long female boa.

The scientists plan to release the boa back into the wild after proper analysis of the species has been completed.