The U.S. Army Wants To Produce Plant-Growing Bullets

The United States Army isn’t looking to make their bullets more harmful, but instead, they are looking into ways to make bullets better for the environment.

The U.S. Army uses live ammunition to get their soldiers ready for combat, but because of recent studies showing the harmful effects of bullets on the environment, they are doing their best to propose a solution.

Instead of having bullets that leak out metallic compounds into the wild, ultimately killing off plant life and wildlife, officials have proposed the idea of having biodegradable bullets that can also grow plants. The official request states —

“The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) has demonstrated bioengineered seeds that can be embedded into the biodegradable composites and that will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.”

If these bullets move from proposal to production, at least the environment will be preserved!

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