The Only Thing Better Than A Hammock Is One That Doubles As A Hot Tub

There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back in a hammock beneath a few shady trees on a hot summer day. But what about winter? The frigid temperatures might have you running indoors to cuddle up with a blanket, or even better, in a hot tub. For those who want the best of both worlds, Oregon-based entrepreneur Benjamin Frederick has taken things to a new level – enter Hydro Hammock.

Hydro Hammock - Cabin

The ultimate relaxation contraption can work as a hammock, hot tub, pool and bed. It’s also totally portable. A water heating system that can hold up to 50 gallons heats pressure water added from a garden hose, stream or lake to your desired temperature. The system can also be used as an outdoor shower – with a basin and strainer or filter, you can take a two-hour shower using less than three gallons of water! But if you’re looking to just keep cool, you can forgo the water heater and use the hammock as your own personal pool.

The original single layer hammock sells for $360 and comes with straps, cam jams, carabiners and instructions – the water heating system is sold separately. For those who want nothing less than the full package, the deluxe hammock runs for $1,580 and comes fully equipped with all the accessories, water heating system and two layers that can be opened to add insulation for extreme weather conditions. Water can even be added between the layers to turn the hammock into a swinging water bed!

Check out the initial KickStarter video below!