‘Harry Potter’ Inspired The Name Of A New Spider Species

The sorting hat from Harry Potter is now, more than just a fictitious object — it is inspiration for a new species of spiders.

Scientists in India discovered a spider that creepily resembles wizard Godric Gryffindor’s magical Sorting Hat. The new species measures at about 7mm and is called Eriovixia Gryffindori.

“We are very excited to have found this new spider whose shape is very similar to the magical sorting hat worn by the wizard in Harry Potter,” scientist Javed Ahmed said. “As a youngster, I was very fond of reading the Harry Potter books. So, when I encountered this tiny spider, I thought of the magical hat.”

The spider was discovered in the Kans forest area of Western Ghats, Karnataka by the same team who are responsible for discovering five new spider species over the last two years.

Along with being after a magical creature, this spider can do some magic of its own by camouflaging itself as a defense against predators.

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