Genius Shovel Makes It So You Will Never Get Snowed In Again!

There’s nothing worse than getting snowed in. Staring at the same home décor day-in and day-out is enough to make anyone go a little stir crazy. But those days are over! It is no longer a danger to shovel out your driveway.

The dangerous conditions that lurk in your driveway are no laughing matter. It was reported in 2012 that more than 34,000 people visited the ER with snow removal-related injuries, ranging from shoulder injuries to heart attacks. There’s nothing to fear anymore, however, because an ingenious shovel was invented to make your life easier!

Meet the Snow Wolf: the first-ever, long-handled, lever-like snow shovel attached to a large wheel that helps you clear a path in a single pass. According to the Snow Wolf manufacturers, professors at the University of Massachusetts found the wheeled shovel lowered peoples’ risk for lower back injuries by 85 percent!

The only downside is you can get a regular shovel for much less money than the Snow Wolf, as it is priced at $180. However, can you really put a price tag on your health and safety?

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