Futuristic Hair Dye Changes Color Depending On The Temperature

Are you indecisive when it comes to your hair color? Do you fluctuate between red, brown, blonde, and black? If so, then you’re in luck because there is now a hair dye that changes color depending on the temperature around you.

A UK firm called The Unseen has debuted its hair dye called “Fire,” which can change between two colors if the temperature in the room you’re in changes. Depending on which dye you use, your hair could transform from black (cold) to red (hot), black to white, silver to blue, blue to white, or black to yellow.

The best part of this hair dye is it won’t damage your hair! After a few washes, the dye will be completely removed. This futuristic hair dye works by using thermochromic ink, which is a technology used in things like cans that have the ability to change colors depending on the temperature. Traditional thermochromic ink is considered toxic, whereas The Unseen has applied the same technology to their hair dye without the harmful effects.

Founder Lauren Bowker said they plan to commercialize the product once the final stages have been completed!