2 May, 2017

Someone Strapped A GoPro To A Hot Wheels Car And Put Us In The Tiniest Driver’s Seat

If you’ve ever been the proud owner of a collection of Hot Wheels cars, you’ve probably taken those bad boys on some crazy adventures across plastic tracks and obstacles made by your parents’ furniture. So to see what it’d really be like to be a Hot Wheels driver, YoutTube channel 5MadMovieMakers stuck a GoPro camera on […]

21 Feb, 2017

Futuristic Hair Dye Changes Color Depending On The Temperature

Are you indecisive when it comes to your hair color? Do you fluctuate between red, brown, blonde, and black? If so, then you’re in luck because there is now a hair dye that changes color depending on the temperature around you. A UK firm called The Unseen has debuted its hair dye called “Fire,” which can […]

24 Jan, 2017

There Is Now A Paper That Can Withstand Fire And Water

Science is constantly evolving, and before we know it nothing will be impossible. The Chinese have been credited with the invention of paper more than 2,000 years ago, but a research team at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics in China has completely changed what makes paper what it is. The new and improved paper resists water […]

1 Dec, 2016

Hubble Captured Jupiter’s Stunning Auroras And You Need To See Them

Jupiter is best known for being the largest planet in the solar system and for its colorful storms, like the Great Red Spot. But thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, we now have another extraordinary phenomenon to see – amazing photographs of the planet’s auroras. The vibrant, glowing lights are created when high energy particles […]

30 Nov, 2016

This Fascinating Video Of Pills Dissolving In Water Will Put You In A Trance

If you’ve ever had a splitting headache, nasty cold, muscle cramps, or pretty much anything causing you a little discomfort, you’ve probably downed a few pills in your day. But what happens once they reach your stomach? The medicine is obviously released from a gel capsule or powder pill and sometimes even gets to work […]

29 Nov, 2016

You Do Not Want To Get Hit By This Giant NERF Gun!

What do you get when you combine the brains of a former NASA engineer and his two nerdy friends? An incredibly large NERF gun powerful enough to shatter glass. Inventor and YouTuber Mark Rober, along with his buddies Ryan and David from Eclectical Engineering, created the world’s largest, functional NERF gun using a wooden frame […]

25 Nov, 2016

This Magic Pen Uses Ink To Conduct Electricity And Bring Drawings To Life

Technology is pretty cool. What’s wowing us now? A pen. Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko released an ad featuring an AgIC pen that allows its user to draw ink that instantly conducts electricity. Producers based their ideas for the video on children’s pop-up books, bringing drawings of houses, buildings, street lights, vehicles, and even a ferris […]

18 Nov, 2016

Meet Your New Spirit Animal: A Hamster Running Through A Super Mario Bros. Level

The only thing better than playing Super Mario Bros. yourself is watching an adorable hamster play it for you. So, when the daughter of Japanese YouTube user yutako55 asked her mom if they could make a maze for her hamster, they went all out to create the ultimate Mario-turned-hamster obstacle course. Assuming this female hamster […]

15 Nov, 2016

This Interactive Pond Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Dream

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Tokyo, now’s the perfect time to do it. For what? Perhaps the coolest pond you’ll ever see. Thanks to a Japanese art collective called teamLab, the bustling capital of Japan is now home to an interactive pond with computer-generated koi fish of various colors. And they’re […]

2 Nov, 2016

Forget About Google Street View, Check Out Sheep View 360!

Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago to the northwest of Scotland, is populated by more sheep than it is humans. And since its islanders are fed up with waiting for Google Street View to come map the roads, a team is taking matters into their own hands and equipping sheep with 360-degree cameras. With the help of a […]

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