6 Jun, 2017

The U.S. Army Wants To Produce Plant-Growing Bullets

The United States Army isn’t looking to make their bullets more harmful, but instead, they are looking into ways to make bullets better for the environment. The U.S. Army uses live ammunition to get their soldiers ready for combat, but because of recent studies showing the harmful effects of bullets on the environment, they are […]

30 May, 2017

These Shirts Change Colors Right Before Your Eyes! But How?

If you’ve ever lived in an urban area, chances are that you’ve seen just how bad pollution can get through the smoggy air fighting its way between skyscrapers. But even city dwellers can’t see every pollutant. That’s why one man has created a line of shirts to make people more aware of their harmful surroundings. […]

23 May, 2017

Researchers Just Discovered 97 Never-Before-Seen Areas Of The Brain

At a time when humans can have tattoo guns in the form of prosthetic hands and create puffy, white clouds from a mixture of suds, you’d think our own brains should be something we’ve mastered. Alas, our bodies are incredibly complicated to grasp a full understanding of. But thanks to science, we’re one step closer to figuring […]

9 May, 2017

This Supersized Drone Will Fly YOU Anywhere You Need To Go!

It’s finally happening – humans will soon be able to fly inside a drone and a pilot’s license won’t even be necessary. The Chinese drone maker Ehang first introduced the Ehang 184 at a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year and is now returning to Nevada for potential […]

18 Apr, 2017

See The Incredibly Cool School Bus That Takes You On A Virtual Trip To Mars

This bus is taking kids somewhere way better than school. Enter, Mars. The magic behind the virtual reality trip to the Red Planet comes from aerospace technology and defense company Lockheed Martin and a team of wizards at Framestore VR Studio. The two teamed up as part of the Generation Beyond program, a national education […]

21 Mar, 2017

The Only Thing Better Than A Hammock Is One That Doubles As A Hot Tub

There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back in a hammock beneath a few shady trees on a hot summer day. But what about winter? The frigid temperatures might have you running indoors to cuddle up with a blanket, or even better, in a hot tub. For those who want the best of both worlds, Oregon-based […]

14 Mar, 2017

Genius Shovel Makes It So You Will Never Get Snowed In Again!

There’s nothing worse than getting snowed in. Staring at the same home décor day-in and day-out is enough to make anyone go a little stir crazy. But those days are over! It is no longer a danger to shovel out your driveway. The dangerous conditions that lurk in your driveway are no laughing matter. It […]

7 Mar, 2017

This Futuristic Yacht Appears To Hover And Looks Out Of This World!

At first glance, this yacht of the future looks more like some sort of spacecraft than anything else. And it doesn’t move like a traditional boat either. Created by London-based design firm Schwinge, the Tetrahedron Superyacht boasts an unconventional design that features a structure shaped like a pyramid with four faces and six leading edges. […]

28 Feb, 2017

The Crazy Technology In These Pants Will Tell You If Your Fly Is Down

It’s probably happened before – you’re out and about on the town, at a meeting or on a date and you notice after who knows how long that your fly is down. But Silicon Valley start up Chaotic R&D is changing the game. The innovative firm recently debuted Noti-FLY, a wearable tech-infused system installed in […]

19 Dec, 2016

This Startup Launched An Incredible Campaign That Could Change The Way We View The World Forever

Forget about hoverboards, a startup called HoloVit is taking technology to a new level that even puts mirrors to shame. Hello, holograms! Launched as an Indiegogo campaign, the company proposed the concept that would bring holograms right to your home from your phone, tablet, laptop, or television screen. You won’t only be able to play a holographic […]

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