25 Apr, 2017

Your Breakfast Will Be As Big As Your Imagination With This Fancy New Product

Breakfast just got so much cooler! There’s a new appliance on the market, and this one’s making pancakes from a 3D printer. The device, dubbed PancakeBot, is capable of producing pancakes in just about any intricate design or shape you can think of – just make sure it’s not too big to eat. Instead of […]

3 Jan, 2017

This Video Of Vegetables Defrosting Is Strangely Satisfying

Timelapse videos are strangely addicting to watch and even give viewers a relaxing or satisfying sensation while the video plays. You can find everything from flowing air bubbles, ice floating on Lake Michigan, spinning tops, and breaking eggs. No matter the topic of the timelapse, you can rest assure you will not regret sitting through its duration. Recently, YouTube user […]

22 Nov, 2016

Forget About Avocados And Butter, You Can Put The Weather Forecast On Your Toast

Sick of eating the same slice of plain ol’ toast for breakfast? This new toaster will burn images of everything from the current weather to emojis right onto your morning toast. Meet Toasteroid, the app-controlled smart toaster that prints custom and pre-made designs onto toast to get you through those morning blues. Here’s how it works: After […]

21 Nov, 2016

These New Six-Pack Holders Will Help Save Marine Life

A Florida-based craft beer brewery was tired of six-pack holders hurting and killing marine life and animals alike, so they took action. The company, Saltwater Brewery, developed a product that would put an end to the senseless killing of sea creatures, birds, and other animals: edible six-pack holders. The holders are made from wheat and barley […]

16 Nov, 2016

The Meat No One Cares To Eat Weirdly Plays An Important Role In Antenna Design

Whenever you need a cheap fix for something to chomp on, bologna is there to save your flimsy wallet and growling stomach from going empty. But there’s an even better use for the least-liked deli meat: designing antennas. Here’s the thing – when designing antennas for commonly used products like phones, fitness trackers, and watches that […]

7 Nov, 2016

These Levitating Cups Will Make You Feel Like A Wizard!

Who needs a coaster when you can have a glass that suspends in mid-air? The Levitating CUP, created by engineer and inventor Joel Paglione, is “gravity defying drinkware” that uses the concept of electromagnetic suspension to float atop a base at the bottom. But just how exactly does it work? The metallic base, which adds […]

29 Sep, 2016

Drinking Water Will Never Be The Same Way Again If You Have This Awesome Bottle

For children and adults alike, cutting back on sugary drinks and switching to water isn’t such an easy feat – until now! A company called Bowhead Technology created the Gululu Interactive Bottle for kids (and maybe nostalgic adults) designed to make drinking water fun. The high-tech bottle comes equipped with a screen, home button, touch sensors, […]

26 Sep, 2016

This Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up With Freshly Brewed Coffee

Is there anything better than starting your daily grind with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea? Only having it prepared for you with the Barisieur alarm clock that automatically brews it for you every morning. Designed by London product designer Joshua Renouf, the all-in-one alarm clock and caffeinated beverage machine boils water through induction heating, […]

15 Jun, 2016

It’s Not Magic, Just Science: This Bottle Turns Air Into Water!

Imagine a time when drinking water could be pulled out of thin air. Oh wait, it can be – introducing Fontus, the self-filling water bottle. Created by Vienna-based designer Kristof Retezár, Fontus can extract humidity from the air and condense it into water that’s good enough to drink. “The idea was to solve a global […]

8 Jun, 2016

You’ll Be SHOCKED When You See What These Food Sculptures Used To Be!

There’s a new type of food hitting the streets of Paris, and though it looks delicious, it’s not for eating. Using discarded mattresses found around streets and sidewalks, artist Lor-K created a series called EAT ME to showcase sweet and savory food sculptures from oversized sushi rolls with a side of ginger and wasabi to pizza topped […]

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