29 Jul, 2016

Awkward Nickelodeon Stars Who Are NOW Insanely HOT!

Amanda Bynes Then Amanda Bynes was one of many child stars that got big from the Nickelodeon hit show All That! Her silly sense of humor made her an instant hit and landed her dozens of Hollywood films and two TV shows. From age 12 to 20, this star was just about everywhere!

29 Jul, 2016

20 Ugly Stars Who Were Once Darling Children

Macaulay Culkin Then This adorable little trouble maker rose to fame in the early 90s for his appearance in the Home Alone franchise. How can you forget that sweet face and even sweeter scream face? We all thought this innocent star would turn into a teenage heartthrob.

29 Apr, 2016

Her Impression Of Jon Snow Singing Adele Will Leave You Speechless!

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity impression? Well, Sophie Turner from “Game Of Thrones” has delivered the impression of all impressions. It’s not just any celebrity impression, though – she reads Adele lyrics as if she were Jon Snow! The hilarious video lasts 2 minutes and, if you’re a “Game Of Thrones” fan, then this […]

29 Apr, 2016

Miley’s Latest Fashion Statement Might Be Her Biggest (Most Hilarious) Mistake Yet!

Miley Cyrus has had her share of cringe-worthy fashion moments over the past few years… a certain nude bikini she wore twerking with Robin Thicke comes to mind… But her latest fashion statement is both puzzling and hilarious. The 23-year-old took to Instagram to show off her latest PERMANENT accessory, a tattoo of a certainly […]

28 Apr, 2016

Emma Stone’s Latest Role Is Scary Fabulous!

Emma Stone embodies some serious #hairgoals. But with her latest role being Cruella de Vil we’re wondering how this look will go over: The Oscar-nominated actress is spotted (pun intended) rocking a deeper brunette shade with blunt bangs over the weekend. Disney confirmed Tuesday that Stone will be taking on the insanely high-fashion villainess in the […]

28 Apr, 2016

How She Responds To THIS Term Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

Amy Schumer is giving Glamour a fierce piece of advice about their use of the term “plus size” in a special ‘Chic At Any Size’ issue. The magazine featured Schumer as a plus-size “woman they love,” despite the fact she isn’t a plus size model–nor having her permission to be featured. https://www.instagram.com/p/BD0sVf9KUCy/ “Plus size is considered a size […]

27 Apr, 2016

THIS Is Why The World Currently Hates Rachel Ray

It’s been a rough 48 hours for celebrity cook and host Rachel Ray. And the recipe that started it all was Lemonade… Hours after Beyonce dropped her latest album Lemonade on HBO Saturday night, the Twittersphere went wild trying to figure out WHO Jay-Z was cheating on Bey with. Insider sources pointed to Rachel ROY, the ex-wife […]

27 Apr, 2016

This EPIC Photo Of Justin Bieber Is Insanely Medieval!

Thanks to the internet, it’s almost impossible for celebrity feuds to stay private. Its latest victim is Justin Bieber, and the luckily for us, people have created the most hilarious memes from the drama. It all started when Bieber decided it would be an intelligent idea to use rapper Post Malone’s head as an ash […]

27 Apr, 2016

Spike Lee Throws Honors Prince In The Best Possible Way

Yesterday the world shook as we learned about the death of Prince – a musical legend and genius. Hearts broke everywhere, but instead of mourning the loss of his life, people wanted to celebrate it! Dance parties broke out in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and the singer’s home state of Minnesota. Director Spike Lee took to […]

13 Apr, 2016

Is Daisy Ridley The Tomb Raider We’ve All Been Waiting For?

It’s tough to find  a person awesome enough to fill the shoes of Angelina Jolie–especially her flawlessness performance as the original Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But Daisy Ridley (Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) might be just the leading lady to take on the epic role! According to Deadline, Ridley’s team is talking to studios about the 23-year-old […]

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